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Our Story

Murphy Electric, Inc., is here to service your

residential and commercial electrical and

wiring needs with our top-notch

professionalism. Our goal is to thrive by

bringing our first-rate services to communities

within Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We do this by providing professional work

ethic, integrity and absolutely awesome

customer service! Happy customers keeps us

in business.

Murphy Electric, Inc., are expert residential

and commercial electricians, if there is knob

and tube in your home, we’ve got your back. It is

imperative to us  that we maintain the highest

standard of excellence and integrity. We offer

over 20 years of professionalism and

dedication. Knowing that cost and time are

always a concern, we will keep you informed

on that front, be it parts and labor, time tables,

or any follow up. You can rest assured that

the job we are contracted to do will be handled

proficiently, and that during and after the

completion of the job, the site will be left in an

orderly fashion.

We take pride in our commitment to our

customer’s needs and satisfaction, starting with

the first phone call to final clean up.

Let Murphy Electric, Inc., show you what

we can do. Please contact us

at ‘’ or

978-925-9339, to discuss whatever electrical

needs you have and how we can help.

At Murphy Electric Inc., we offer only first-

rate customer service backed-up with efficient

 office management, guaranteeing unsurpassed

customer care from your first call, to the in-

person consultation, continuing until the

completion of the job, and beyond, when we

follow-up with you to verify that the work we

performed was to your total satisfaction.


Murphy Electric Inc., offers a myriad of services to accommodate most needs and budgets. Our capabilities include installations, repairs, upgrades and more. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, industrial, and data & communication from new construction to vintage and the quality of our services are second to none. 

Call us for a FREE quote today at 978-925-9339

We do installation, repairs, services, upgrades, and troubleshooting

Our Team


  Derek Murphy

    Owner & Master Electrician

Derek is licensed to work in both Massachusetts and New

Hampshire. Derek achieved his electrician’s

license in 2010 after completing the Electrical

Technology program at Nashoba Valley Technical

High School.  Since then he has worked on

numerous projects; be it residential or commercial,

as well as industrial.​ Derek is married to KayLee, and together they have a sweet 8 year old boy, Benny. They also have two  cats, two dogs, flock of chickens, a hamster that looks like Albert Einstein, and a love for the outdoors. 


Contact him at:


    Adrienne Bourque

      Office Assistant

Adrienne is your main contact with us.

She will be delighted to help you by answering

any questions you have regarding the services you need from us. She also schedules the services you require and can give you a free quote. Adrienne is a long-time customer service representative, with a background in the health care and designing fields, as well. She is also Derek's Sister-in-Law and just gave birth to her first son, Zion, at her home in October 2022!


​Contact her at:

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